Hilarious Tweets Blame Patriots For Steelers’ Flu Epidemic

Hilarious Tweets Blame Patriots For Steelers’ Flu Epidemic
  • Dan Russo

All week long Steelers players have been sitting out practice due to mysterious reasons.

After much speculation we have an answer. A flu bug has reportedly swept through the Steelers’ locker room affecting up to 15 players, according to an NESN article.

While this obviously is bad news for the Steelers ahead of their AFC Championship showdown with the Patriots on Sunday, the news did produce some hilarious conspiracy theories on Twitter.

First SpyGate, then DeflateGate, and now we have FluGate, which has a very nice ring to it.

Here’s an accurate portrayal of Bill Belichick in his office after reading the flu news.

If Belichick pulled this one off, then he truly is a Sith Lord.

Tom Brady totally went undercover as a janitor at Heinz Field to pull this one off.

While we’re at it let’s pin the blame on the Patriots for global warming, Harambe’s death, and Donald Trump being elected president.

In all seriousness will take some serious willpower on the Steeler’s end to play through the flu at a high enough level to defeat the Patritots Sunday. Here’s to hoping those afflicted with the illness can recover quickly enough to make a run at a Super Bowl berth.