It Looks Like The Future Of Face Masks Is Being Able To See As Little As Possible

  • Ricky Boebel

Darrell Dockett wore this face mask to Arizona Cardinals Fan Fest yesterday. The face mask was made by Bad Ass Masks, who also made the Arizona Wildcats face mask that came out earlier this week. Dockett’s mask is reminiscent of the one Justin Tuck wore last season.

This is the direction face masks are going for defensive linemen in the league. A ton of bars going as many directions as possible. The bars are aimed to stop offensive linemen from grabbing the face mask and to make whoever is wearing it look like a football robot. It’s a pretty big “fuck you” to NFL referees, the message is “I think you’re so bad at you’re job, I’m going to make a custom mask to take the decision out of your hands.” Dockett even put a rainbow visor on his face mask for added protection from the sun in the cardinals indoor stadium.

The company Bad Ass Masks have a lot of cool yet impractical face masks. Some that may leave school bus sized blind spots in the players vision:


[photos via Bad Ass Masks][The Big Lead]