Who Is Tony Kubiak, And Is He OK After Collapsing On The Sidelines Of Last Night’s Football Game?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

In case you missed it, Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapsed on the sidelines of last night’s Sunday Night Football game against the Indianapolis Colts. It was one of the scariest, most-unexpected moments we’ve ever seen in an NFL game.

He reportedly didn’t have a heart attack and is in stable condition at the hospital.

But because this story is sad, and we want to smile, we must point out the oddity of ABC News reporting this story as “NFL Coach Tony Kubiak Collapses On Field,” and not changing it as of this moment.

Oh, and UPI.com appears to have plagiarized the error, placing it in its SEO headline.

Is any of this important? Of course not. But we sadly don’t have much to update you on Gary’s (or Tony’s) situation, so we figured we’d try and laugh a little bit. We’ll let you know how Gary is doing when more news comes out. Hopefully, he’ll be OK, both his health and name safe and sound.

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