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Get Your Tickets Early, The Bum Phillips Opera Will Likely Be Sold Out In Short Order

  • Rick Chandler

Yes, they’re making an opera based on the life of former Houston Oilers head coach Bum Phillips. I’d prefer a Hollywood musical, but you tale what you can get. Before you rush out to buy tickets, however, you should know this:

The theater company which wants to put on the production is still trying to crowdsource funding for it. Monk Parrots, a theater company based in New York, says it needs 30 percent of its remaining $67,000 product0ion cost to come from the public, meaning that they’re seeking $20,000 through USA Projects (a crowsource funding site a la Kickstarter). “If we do not reach the minimum goal of $20,000 by 11:59 PM on Sunday, June 30, 2013, we will not receive any of the pledges and the project will not be funded.”

And that would be a bummer, if this synopsis of the opera by its author, Luke Leonard, is any indication:

Bum Phillips is a world premiere opera about an icon of the National Football League and America: O.A. “Bum” Phillips, head coach of the Houston Oilers in the late 1970s. The opera will be an epic portrait combining aspects of Phillips’ life using the structure of a football game, exploring how one man’s passion fueled an entire city’s hope and examining his ability to overcome strife through resilience and faith. Encouraged by Phillips’ motivational skills and homespun principles, we aim to push the boundaries of where and for whom opera is staged.

In 2011, I recalled my high school football days growing up in Texas and in a flash conceived an opera based on Bum Phillips. I was further inspired by reading Coach Phillips’ autobiography, Bum Phillips: Cowboy, Coach, Christian.

It will all be 100 percent nightmare fuel, if this rehearsal still is any indication.

If funding goals are met, the opera will be here in June of 2014. Fingers crossed! Wave your white hankies!

Thanks to Steph Stradley.