Here Are The Giants Celebrating Like They Beat Somebody Other Than Matt Barkley For Their Second Win

  • Eric Goldschein

The Giants are 2-6, which unbelievably puts them back into the NFC East title race after the Cowboys dropped to 4-4 yesterday. They’ve strung together two wins in a row after an 0-6 start to the season, which is certainly a step in the right direction, if you want to consider beating the Vikings and Eagles an accomplishment.

The Giants didn’t just beat any Eagles team on Sunday — they beat an Eagles team that had to trot out its third-string quarterback, Matt Barkley, whose NFL career began with four turnovers on his first four drives dating back to last week. The fact that the Eagles couldn’t manage an offensive touchdown has more to do with their own limitations than the Giants’ defense.

And yet, here’s this (admittedly hilarious) GIF of Will Hill and Antrel Rolle dancing like they have something to be proud of:

Hey, it’s been a tough season for Big Blue, and a win is a win. But picking off Barkley to secure the game after your offense fails to score a touchdown and instead had to kick five field goals isn’t exactly “WINNING” with a hashtag. It’s more like “not losing.” And so far, the Giants have only not lost twice this year in eight games. That’s not a good look.

We’ll see how much dancing this team does in December, when they play the Niners, Seahawks and Lions.

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