The Fans At The Giants-Niners Game Didn’t Get Along Too Well, Either

  • Glenn Davis

Things got testy in yesterday’s Giants-49ers game before the game ever got started. That was thanks to Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride saying Niners defensive line linchpin Justin Smith “gets away with murder” on his play in the trenches. This made 49er coach Jim Harbaugh angry, and presumably after doing this, he put out a very lawyer-y statement about how irrational Gilbride was being.

Add in that these two teams played each other earlier this calendar year for a spot in the Super Bowl, and there was no doubt emotions would run high. And wouldn’t you know it – that bad blood filtered right on down to each team’s fans:

Well, at least this one took place between fans of different teams. Not only that, this one carried on even after it looked like it was initially broken up – that’s how dedicated these fanbases were to going at it. Unlike the game, though, the fighting ended without a clear winner. The players in 49ers jerseys could only wish they’d made out as well as the fans wearing them above.

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