What The Hell Happened Last Night: The Giants Destroyed The Packers, And A Bunch Of NBA Games We Can’t Even Pretend To Get Excited About

  • Glenn Davis

Welcome to “What The Hell Happened Last Night?” in which we at SportsGrid attempt to anser that very question, at least as it relates to the world of sport. And last night, we had a marquee Sunday Night Football matchup, and a slate of six NBA games that were… something less than marquee. Of course, the actual Sunday Night Football game itself wound up not having too much excitement, either, but it’s all worth revisiting. Join us as we do, won’t you?

Safe to say the Giants’ slump is over.

The Giants entered last night’s game against the Packers as losers of two in a row, including an ugly 31-13 loss to the Bengals that sent the team into its bye week on about the most sour note possible. Had we reached the 2012 edition of “The Giants screw everything up”? The Packers, on the other hand, were riding a five-game winning streak. This was an extremely dangerous-looking matchup for the Giants, who needed to get their season back on track, and fast.

They did. The teams exited MetLife Stadium heading in opposite directions, but their respective trajectories were reversed thanks to a dominant 38-10 Giants win. Eli Manning threw for three touchdowns. Andre Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw ran over the Packers defense (122 combined yards on 23 carries and two more scores). The vaunted Giants pass rush recorded five sacks. Sure, the Pack was without Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson, but let’s face it: those guys probably wouldn’t have been worth four touchdowns. This was the Giants’ night, and if they sustain remotely this level of play (a big if, of course), it could well be the Giants’ year.

Oh, and maybe it wasn’t his greatest night, but Aaron Rodgers’ mustache is in peak form.

NBA games happened.

Maybe you’re a fan of one of the 12 teams that played last night. We hope so, because otherwise it’d be tough to muster much excitement about this lineup. The Knicks broke their two-game losing streak with one of the finest elixirs for what ills an NBA team: a game against the Pistons. The Knicks won easily, 121-100, and are still undefeated at home. Two other likely playoff teams – the Spurs and Celtics – had much more trouble finishing off two other likely non-playoff teams, with the Spurs needing double overtime to finish off the Raptors (Tim Duncan continued to defy age with 26 points) and the Celtics defeating the Magic in one extra period.

Other games: the Nets beat the Blazers, the Sixers edged the Suns (Jrue Holiday had 33 points and 13 assists: impressive), and the Nuggets topped the still-Anthony-Davis-less Hornets. You can see why were less than enthused about these games.

College basketball upset watch:

We got one! UCLA fell to Cal Poly (which was 1-2 coming in) 70-68. UCLA is No. 11 for now, but, well… safe to say that won’t last. The Bruins rely heavily on freshmen, so they should improve significantly as the season goes on, but for now… damn.

It’s cyber monday.

The latest step in the Great Machine Takeover (or Great Fall of Man, however you look at it). The Day of Reckoning draws near. Hold your loved ones close. We cannot prevail.

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