Gisele: “My Husband Cannot F—ing Throw The Ball And Catch The Ball At The Same Time”

  • Glenn Davis

You’ve seen that Gisele will do everything in her power to comfort her husband, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, in his lowest moments. As the clip below shows, however, her charity doesn’t necessarily extend to Brady’s teammates. After the game, Gisele was spotted by (apparently) some Giants fans, who decided to have some fun with her, noting that Eli Manning “owns” her husband, etc., etc. Gisele, it’s safe to say, did not find her husband to be primarily at fault. Instead, she took issue with the guys on the receiving end of his passes, and The Insider got video of the whole thing:

The “cannot bleeping throw the ball and catch the ball” line was loudest, but if you listen, you can also hear something about how you have to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball. And the Insider said Gisele also added something about how she “[couldn’t] believe they dropped the ball so many times,” though we didn’t hear that line in the video. Man, like Wes Welker didn’t feel bad enough.

[h/t PTI by way of The Big Lead]