Prank Callers Get Through To Head Office, Somehow Record Bills & Bucs GM’s Talkin’ Junk

  • Jake O'Donnell

Apparently you can just call NFL front offices and speak with the General Manager as if it were a Red Lobster. Well, we now know you can with the teams in Buffalo and Tampa Bay, anyway. After two 20-somethings managed to get through to Bills GM Buddy Nix under the guise of being Buccaneer’s GM Mark Dominik, and then got them to actually speak to each other, we now also know that you can facilitate trades, as well.

The genius of the whole scheme was that they managed to record both Nix and Dominik speaking confidentially over a conference call they setup. And while the two execs don’t reveal who the second gunman was on the grass knoll, they do reveal that they have no idea this is a setup, nor do they think highly of Ryan Fitzpatrick (as if it comes as a surprise that he’s not considered an elite QB by league brass). “We just can’t afford to pay that kind of money for a guy who’s fighting for probably a backup job,” Nix says. Not exactly the Nixon tapes, considering that the Harvard-grad-turned-interception-machine was released today, but nonetheless cool to hear the sausage being made.

They also speak about a new rule that gives agents time to negotiate with players before they can sign anything with teams. Something, apparently, these guys are not fans of. Dominik can be heard complaining that all it does is “give leverage to the agents to ask for more money,” which, one would assume is all these guys complain about anyway. It appears that agents are to GM’s what finicky coffee drinkers are to baristas, and all NFL agents seem to do is ask for the venti-caramelo-tangerine-mocha-frisco-americani-triple-chino with an extra shot. Actually, make that two shots, sorry.

Who knows what, if anything, will come of this. They do name other players (Jamon Meredith, E.J. Biggers) and comment on players in general not signing, which could rub some people the wrong way (Jamon Meredith, E.J. Biggers, players in general.) Moreover, other GM’s could use this information in some obscure strategic negotiating tactic, as they are wont to do to get any edge they can. One thing we can expect to come of this, though, is a few secretaries around the league are now officially on the hot seat.

A full list of the recordings is available here.

Photo via Getty, H/T Deadspin