Goodell Thinks Weed Is Too Addictive And Unsafe For Players

Goodell Thinks Weed Is Too Addictive And Unsafe For Players
  • Jake O'Donnell

Roger Goodell has made some pretty epic miscalculations in his time, namely, the medical implications of prolonged head trauma, so it makes sense that he’s a bit more cautious when it comes to players’ health nowadays. His argument against marijuana use, however, doesn’t really add up, which, once again, makes sense, because Roger Goodell is the king of miscalculations.

Smoke is bad for you! There are things in marijuana that aren’t good for you! It’s addictive!

Right, Rog. Whatever you say.

Here’s how he laid it out on Mike & Mike this morning…

“i think that you still have to look at a lot aspects of marijuana use. is it something that can be negative to the health of our players? you are ingesting smoke so that is not usually a very positive thing that people would say. it does have addictive nature. there are a lot of compounds in marijuana that may not be healthy healthy. all of that has to be considered. it is not as simple as somebody wants to feel better after the game. we want to help the players but i want to make sure the negative consequences are not something that is going to be something we will be held accountable for years down the road.”

For starters, there’s been an cultural shift away from actually “smoking” weed, but more importantly, smoking any of the substances deemed legal by the NFL would be unhealthy, and yet that hasn’t lead the league to ban Toradol. Just because you can smoke something doesn’t mean that thing is inherently unhealthy.

In terms of the health benefits, once again, the science seems to be pretty compelling in favor of medicinal marijuana usage — it’s been deemed a viable, legal option in 29 states and Washington D.C. — so to say that the NFL’s medical arbiters still need to study weed more to determine if its safe or not makes you wonder if their researchers smoking the stuff instead of, ya know, researching it. “Yo Roger, sup? The cannabis reports? Oh, um, ya, we’ll get you the data on the, um, what’s it called, the uhhh, the fucking [coughs]…what were we talking about?” There’s a consensus in the medical community that weed can be more helpful than it is harmful. C’mon, Rog.

Then there’s the addiction aspect. The NFL has been handing out opioids like candy IN THE MIDDLE OF A NATIONWIDE OPIOID EPIDEMIC and we’re supposed to buy the argument that, because Cheech and Chong made seven movies, marijuana causes a free fall into an infinite chasm of despair. This doesn’t even begin to make any sense.

Watch the commish blow smoke, below…

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