Google Might Buy ‘NFL Sunday Ticket,’ Which Would Mean It Basically Rules The World

  • Matt Rudnitsky

NFL GoogleThe NFL’s exclusive deal with DirecTV for its comprehensive “Sunday Ticket” package expires after the 2014 season. We’re getting there.

Reportedly, Google wants in on the action.

Here’s a fun combination to ponder: The world’s most powerful media company and America’s most popular sport…

And it is. Today, according to sources, Google CEO Larry Page, along with YouTube content boss Robert Kyncl, met with a delegation from the NFL led by commissioner Roger Goodell. And the Sunday Ticket package was among the topics of discussion, according to people familiar with the meeting.

Damn. There’s also a bit of speculation that Apple could make a play, but nothing there just yet. This was just a discussion, but it’s not a surprising discussion. If this happens, it would be a massive shift in the visual media sphere, and a huge blow to cable and satellite companies. It would also make Google even more massively powerful than it is now, which means it basically could take over the world.

I mean, if one company owns the rights to all NFL games and your porn searches, it basically owns you.

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