Confirmed: ESPN Has A Boner For Tim Tebow

  • Dan Fogarty

Today, Doug Gottlieb got his ESPN exit interview with Dan Patrick. This is something Patrick — who had his own acrimonious split with the media behemoth he refers to as “The Mothership” — does every time someone leaves the network: he brings them on to hopefully get them to talk shit about it. It’s pretty entertaining.

In any event, Gottlieb didn’t firebomb the place like Bruce Feldman did on his way out, but he did provide a few insights into how ESPN approaches the news cycle. One such insight:

”I was told specifically, you can’t talk enough Tebow,” Gottlieb said. “People can’t get enough of that story, and they kind of stoke the fire.”

Which every person who has ever watched SportsCenter already knew, but it was still fun to hear it come out of a former ESPNer’s mouth. The full interview can be heard here (Gottlieb and Patrick have a pretty entertaining discussion about how ESPN makes its editorial decisions, and also about shilling fattie food products when you’re also shilling P90X). Gottlieb’s new show on CBS Sports Network premieres October 22nd.