Grading The 4 Most Confusing ESPN Fantasy Football Projections For Week 10: Richardson, Tolbert, Bush, And Mike James

  • Jake O'Donnell

(Based on standard ESPN scoring)

Plato — father of modern philosophy — said it best about the 2013 fantasy football season:

This man, on one hand, believes that he knows something, while not knowing [anything]. On the other hand, I – equally ignorant – do not believe [that I know anything].

Don’t fall victim to your own perceived knowledge. You know nothing. Let it sink in. Accept it. After Week 9, we’re coming to grips with our own fallibility. Here’s how that shit show went down.

– It’s hard to say what Boykin would’ve done had Aaron Rodgers been behind center the whole game, but the fact remains that he had one reception for 15 yards. We thought a 14 point projection was overkill. It was.
– Tony Gonzalez had a big game with 14. We were wrong.
– Andy Dalton was picked off three times while going 32-of-53 passes for 338 yards (with no touchdowns). Uh, ya, we were wrong there, too.
– Dez Bryant was shut down. We thought he’d play like, well, Dez Bryant. Wrong again.

That makes us 19-15 on the year. Shit. Gotta stay above .500 to keep our street cred. No more overzealous projections. Focus. Here we go.