Grading The 4 Most Confusing ESPN Fantasy Football Projections For Week 11: Thomas, Tate, Brady, And Hilton

  • Jake O'Donnell

(Based on standard ESPN scoring)

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
— Albert Einstein

We hope so, because we’re beginning to imagine our knowledge of football sucks. After our second consecutive disappointing week, we look to stay ahead of the .500 mark. So far this season, we’ve correctly called out 20 of ESPN’s stupid fantasy projections, and missed the mark on 18. If a guy gets injured — we count that, for better or worse. This week, Tampa Bay RB Mike James went down for worse. Them’s the breaks.

Here’s what happened with our Week 10 picks…

– Trent Richardson went for three points, and not 12 like ESPN thought. Win for us.
– Mike Tolbert had one fantasy point, unlike our prediction he’d end up in the end zone. Wrong.
– Reggie Bush only had 10 fantasy points against the Bears, despite our call of 17+.
– Mike James broke his ankle Monday night, though he looked like he was on pace to have a great night, with five rushes for 41 yards. Tough luck there…

Lesson learned: At this point in the season, as the weather gets colder and injuries tear teams apart, players are more likely to underperform than out perform their projections. We think ESPN has noticed this, and will recalibrate their projections going into the first truly cold football week of the 2013 season. With that in mind, we boldly march into Week 11. ESPN’s four worst projections for this weekend.