UPDATE: TMZ Confirms That The Jerry Jones Photos Are With Drunk Strippers

  • Jake O'Donnell

Posted two days ago by Terez Owens, three photos, including one that appears to be with a girl on the toilet, have become a real headache for the Dallas Cowboys owner (who is 71 years old and married to his wife of 51 years). We now know that the two women are, in fact, Dallas-area strippers who claim the photos were taken five years ago (without their knowledge).

[TMZ] The photos were tweeted out earlier this week by someone claiming he’s held them to protect Jones from an extortion plot. Lindzie and Jordan say they are unaware of any such plot, and claim the pics were surreptitiously taken by a female friend.

The photos were leaked (and perhaps set-up) in an extortion plot hatched by a man named Frank Hoover, who is clearly insane. To go through the details of Hoover’s plan (which he strangely outlines in a embedded PDF file), would overcomplicate what basically amounts to a failed blackmail attempt. Suffice it to say some con-artists tried to get money from Jones after somehow getting their hands on these photos, which were then released after Jones (apparently) didn’t cave in to demands.

[TMZ] TMZ Sports spoke to the women — Lindzie (blonde) and Jordan (brunette) — who are strippers in Texas, and they claim to remember very little about the night they partied with Jerry some 5 years ago … because “there was a lot of alcohol involved.”

The two women (Lindzie and Jordan) are lawyering up to scrub the pictures from the internet. Good luck with that.

[Photos via Terez Owens]