Great, Drunk News: There Will Be Alcohol-Infused Cupcakes At Falcons Games This Year

  • Eric Goldschein

Tired of having to drink your alcohol in order to get drunk? Sick of watching the Atlanta Falcons sober? Your prayers have been answered: Starting this season, two “Delights by Dawn” stands will open up at the Georgia Dome, selling alcohol-infused cupcakes. Gone are the days of imbibing intoxicating beverages like a plebian — feast on sugar and alcohol all at once while Matt Ryan checks down on 3rd and long.

“Delights by Dawn” specializes in deserts with alcohol in them. Dawn’s “Toxycakes” come in flavors like Apple Fireball Cinnamon (fireball whiskey), Red Velvet Chocotini (chocolate vodka, vodka-infused cream cheese) and Key Lime Margarita (yep, tequila). It’s not clear if all her regular flavors will be available at the Dome, but if they are, god damn, shit’s going to get weird in the fourth quarter.

Not gonna lie, this looks amazing (via Facebook):


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