Greg Jennings Removed The Tires From James Jones’ Car In Retaliation For Drawing Penises On His Car On His Birthday

  • Dylan Murphy

September 21st was Greg Jennings’ 29th birthday, and James Jones, presumably among other Packers teammates, celebrated the occasion as any good friends would – by drawing penises and other shenanigans all over his car. Of particular note, besides the penises, is the writing which reads “I put jet skis on my back and put the team on my back dooo.”

(The two references are here and here, if you’ve missed the joke.)

Yesterday, Jennings tweeted out his revenge, even though it was one month late, and the victim was fellow WR James Jones’ car. We still don’t know whether Jones was the lone prankster or if other teammates were involved, but Jennings clearly has his mind made up. Except his retaliation lacks any palatable humor, and is just kind of mean. The picture, as you can see below, is just of Jones’ tireless car. Considering the season Jones is having, we think he’ll continue to get on by quite nicely.

Camaraderie! Team!

[@GregJennings, via Reddit]