Gregg Popovich Can’t Stop Sassin’ Reporters

  • Glenn Davis

The web roundup for Thursday, October 11. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. See anything that should be on SportsGrid? Send it to Now, our starting five.

1. Gregg Popovich knows he’s a dick.

His wife doesn’t like it, but it also doesn’t sound like he’ll stop being one. [Sports Radio Interviews via Deadspin]

2. The Patriots’ Brandon Spikes should not have made this joke.

Another reminder that some subjects are more tweetable than others. [Boston Herald]

3. The NFL decided the block that ended Brian Cushing’s season was dirty enough to draw a fine.

Asa result, Jets guard Matt Slauson will be docked $10,000. [Fox Sports]

4. It’s true – Michael Vick has a dog again.

This is a development sure to lead to a calm, reasoned debate. [TMZ]

5. Not sports related, still important.

A viewer’s guide to the vice presidential debate; Kathie Lee dropped a puppy; this is what a RZA/Black Keys collab sounds like.

What’s on TV.

Orioles at Yankees, Game 4 (TBS, 7:30 p.m.); Tigers at A’s, Game 5 (TNT, 9:30 p.m.); Steelers at Titans (NFL Network, 8 p.m.); 30 Rock (NBC, 8 p.m.); Vice presidential debate (NBC/ABC/Fox/CBS, 9 p.m.); It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX, 10 p.m.); The League (FX, 10:30 p.m.)

Food porn of the day.

Chewy s’mores bars. [Recipe at Bakerita, via]

And finally, tonight…

Slowed-down baby laughter. Way better than pitched-down baby crying. [h/t Reddit]

Getty photo, by Steve Dykes