Roger Goodell Has Reinstated Gregg Williams, Titans Officially Hire Him As A Senior Assistant For Defense

  • Dylan Murphy

Gregg Williams to the Tennessee Titans has been in the works for a while now, pending league reinstatement of Enemy No. 1. Williams, who was suspended indefinitely for his involvement in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, sat out all of last season while technically an employee of the St. Louis Rams. But that clearly did not stifle interest in his skills as a coach, because the Titans furiously pursued him and pressured the league to lift the last remaining bounty suspension.

And so finally they did, with this statement (via The Tennessean):

“Commissioner Roger Goodell today notified Gregg Williams and the Tennessee Titans that Williams’ contract with the Titans has been approved and that he has been reinstated. The commissioner cited several reasons for the reinstatement, including Williams’ forthcoming acknowledgement of and acceptance of responsibility for his role in the bounty program at the Saints, his commitment to never again be involved in a pay-for-performance or bounty system, and his pledge to teach safe play and respect for the rules at all levels of the game. The commissioner emphasized that Williams must fully conform to league rules and will be subject to periodic monitoring to confirm his compliance.”

All of which amounts to a dressed up pinky swear, while leaving room to call Williams into the principal’s office on a whim. As for his role with the Titans, Williams will “work with” current defensive coordinator Jerry Gray in some capacity. What capacity that is remains to be seen, but the bigger picture storyline is clear: Bountygate has finally run its course.

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