Don’t Hate On Rob Gronkowski For Dancing Shirtless And Landing On His Broken Arm

  • Matt Rudnitsky

As you might imagine, Rob Gronkowski celebrated the Super Bowl that he didn’t play in by dancing shirtless. Then he bodyslammed the bro next to him, landing on his broken arm. Just Gronk being Gronk.

His dance moves are questionable, but I don’t think anyone in the crowd said anything. Look at those man-boobies flop.

The headlines will imply that Gronk was being immature or irresponsible, but he was not. He is an invincible bro, and he is wearing that protective splint thingy, which makes him doubly indestructible. Gronk can only be hurt on the field, where other muscly bros can approach his fearless musclyness.

Don’t hate on Gronk, because the day he stops bodyslamming friends with a broken arm, he ceases to be Gronk. And unless you are a hater of all things fun, you don’t want that.