Gronk Interrupts White House Press Briefing; Tom Brady Stays Home

  • Rick Chandler


White House Press Secretary Rob Gronkowski? How can we make this happen?

The New England Patriots visited the White House today to meet the guy who ruined the XFL (Trump), but seven players skipped the field trip — most notably Tom Brady. In a statement to ESPN this morning, Brady said that “family matters” were keeping him from attending. That’s the same excuse he used for skipping a team meeting with Barack Obama in 2015.

But hey, Gronk is there. He even crashed this morning’s press briefing, asking Sean Spicer is he “needed any help.”

Yes, Gronk. Yes he does.

Gronk as WH Press Secretary would be absolutely ideal — the level of plausible deniability on virtually any issue would be off the scale. Plus he could charm the reporters at a Kennedy-esque level. And if all else fails, just announcing “This is ridiculous: we’re all going back to my place!” would totally work.

Meanwhile, here are the other Patriots who will not attend Trump’s little garden barbecue: LeGarrette Blount, Martellus Bennett; Devin McCourty, Alan Branch and Dont’a Hightower.