Gronk Knows True Champions Party Through Back Injuries, Especially On America Day

  • Ricky Boebel

Noted bro advocate Rob Gronkowski had an appropriately bro-ey July 4th in Buffalo.

Was there any doubt pictures of Gronk at a 4th of July party would come out? If there weren’t photos of him on Instagram last night, I’d be worried something horrible had happened.

Here’s Gronk imagining the horrible things he’d do to those beers if they were alone:

Here’s Gronk wearing my mom’s favorite hat:

I can’t help but think Gronkowski’s ongoing back injury is preventing the Summer of Gronk from repeating in 2013. He’s partying through it like it’s not affecting him, but you can tell it is. Every swig of the the whiskey and throw of the beer pong ball, the injury is in the back of his head. Will he ever party the same? Only time will tell.

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