Gronkowski Says Fans Would Keep Goodell Out Of Gillette Stadium If He Tried To Attend

  • Rick Chandler


I’m not a big Patriots fan or anything, but I do consider it karmic justice that New England went 14-1 after Tom Brady’s suspension for suspected unauthorized air pressure in footballs. That’s “suspected”, not even proven. In other words, a complete farce.

Goodell ended up as the one with cage free chicken product all over his face when he had to hand Brady the Super Bowl MVP trophy. The Commissioner avoided Gillette Stadium entirely this past season, and some speculate he will never come back.

But what would happen if he did? In an interview with ESPN’s Cari Champion, Rob Gronkowski speculated.

“To tell you the truth, I really don’t think so,” Gronkowski said. “The fans are nuts, they’re wild, and they have the Patriots’ back no matter what. They have Tom (Brady)’s back. I’m telling you, (Goodell) wouldn’t get through the highway if our fans saw him. So I don’t think he can even land in the airport in Boston, because Patriots fans are the best fans. They’re the most loyal fans. I’m telling you, they might just carry out Roger themselves. He couldn’t even get to the stadium in Foxboro if he landed in Boston.”

Hmm. Sounds like a Tom Clancy novel.

On second thought, it would be more like Airplane! “Excuse me, stewardess. I speak jive.”

This is so much of a better quote than Robert Kraft’s “Our detractors are just jealous” nonsense, which just makes him look like a Twitter troll. Here. Gronk is setting the stage for civil disobedience, resistance on a mass scale, and possible freeway violence. It’s actually a call to arms. Epic.