Under New Wisconsin Law, Fans May Be Able To Bring Guns Into Lambeau Field. Umm, Okay.

  • Alexandra Kuczynski-Brown

Forget trying to sneak hoagies into the stadium – recent legislation out of Wisconsin now has Green Bay police wondering whether they can legally prevent people from bringing guns into Lambeau Field.

After four years of gun-rights advocates lobbying in support of the cause, Wisconsin has become the 49th state in the nation to allow citizens to carry concealed firearms.

According to Green Bay Police Captain Paul Ebel:

“Right now we’re dissecting the law. We are reading it. We’re going to consult with the city’s attorneys, with the Packers organization. I think common sense will prevail in something like that.”

And therein lies the rub. See, anything we thought we knew about common sense and guns went out the door the second Plaxico Burress went into the slammer, after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh.

As is, the NFL has a policy that prevents fans from carrying guns into any stadium. However, since Lambeau is owned by the City of Green Bay and Green Bay/Brown County Professional Football Stadium District (not the NFL), the league might not be at liberty to enforce said policy.

Says Pat Webb, the Stadium District’s executive director:

“I don’t know enough about Wisconsin’s specific law to know if the stadiums are exempt or not or can be exempt.”

Well, this is all very reassuring.