Guy Loses Valentine’s Day Money Betting On Broncos, Tells Girlfriend ‘Peyton Let You Down’

  • Rick Chandler

Hey, priorities.

Peyton Manning is taking much criticism tonight for Denver’s hapless showing against the Seahawks, and much of it is deserved I suppose. I’m thinking that Cooper Manning could have kept the score closer.

But here’s one critic who should keep his mouth buttoned. Dude’s gambit is so ballsy, so misguided and so humorous that we had to show it to you. Is his girl really buying this? My guess is, if they’re married, his stuff is out on the front lawn as you read this. If they’re not, they won ‘t be anytime soon. (Full message here).

But then again, they say that there’s someone for everyone. Do they make cheap Valentine’s Day cards for very gullible chicks?

Also, my God — nine emoticons? Turn in your man card.