Guy Orders Tom Brady Fathead, Is Not Amused When They Send A Tim Tebow One Instead (With Update)

  • Rick Chandler

Oops, mixup down at the plant. Or … is it?

Found on Reddit: this sad tale of woe. User frigidcoke writes:

“Ordered a Tom Brady fathead for my new office. Opened up the package and got this. You’ve gotta be f-ing kidding me.”

I’m very concerned for the person in the Fathead shipping department who doesn’t know a giant wall Tom Brady from a giant wall Tim Tebow. Nice work, Sling Blade. But let’s face it — they’re probably trying desperately to unload their supply of the latter, and will do so by any means necessary. Or, it could have been a rogue Christian fundamentalist.

I’m more concerned, however, with “frigidcoke”. What adult orders a wall Fathead in the first place? Unless it’s of Paulina Gretzky.

UPDATE: Fathead has rectified the problem, reportedly. This guy’s office is going to look pretty funky.