Guy Who Said ‘You Can’t Arrest Me, I’m A Colts Player’ Is No Longer A Colts Player

  • Eric Goldschein

john boyett

John Boyett, a sixth-round pick for the Colts out of Oregon, was arrested early Monday morning for disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting law enforcement. The full list of things he did to piss off everybody and get arrested is staggering, and includes the famous refrain that athletes like to use: “You can’t arrest me, I play sports for a local sports team that you like!”

Boyett was already on the non-football injury list when he tried to avoid getting arrested outside of Tiki Bob’s bar at 2:45 a.m. local time. The bar turned him away for being too drunk, so he began “cussing” at patrons of the bar and people on the sidewalk. Then the police showed up (from the Indianapolis Star):

By the time the officer returned to the bar with the employee, Boyett was gone. But a few minutes later, Boyett reportedly returned to the bar and was approached by the police officer.

When the officer attempted to place Boyett under arrest, the report said, he pulled away and threw a “stiff arm” at the officer. Boyett then ran northbound along Meridian Street. The report said Boyett continued fleeing, running onto Georgia Street and then through two alleys before he was caught.

And from CBS:

The police report described Boyett as “very abusive” and the officer wrote that Boyett made fun of an officer’s hair and nose. Police said that Boyett also threatened to break an officer’s jaw.

“You can’t arrest me, I’m a Colts player,” Boyett allegedly told police multiple times.

Police said it eventually took four officers to subdue and arrest Boyett.

If not being able to return until the sixth game of the year wasn’t bad enough, Boyett is getting violently hammered and throwing the Colts name around. It’s enough to, say, get released by the team. And so, the circle of irony is complete.

Where does Boyett’s act fall in the pantheon of athletes overestimating their fame?


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