Hakeem Nicks Says Stats Are For Girls. Is He Right?

  • Dylan Murphy

Hakeem Nicks is having an injury-plagued, production-suffering season in 2012: Through nine games, six of which he’s played in, he’s only amassed 27 receptions for 390 yards and 1 TD. This is well off his pace from last season, when he finished with 76 catches for 1,192 yards and 7 TDs. But Hakeem Nicks is a team player, so he doesn’t mind that Victor Cruz is the one owning the stat sheet in the Giants’ receiving corps.

How do we know this, exactly? Because stats are for girls, man.

An interesting hypothesis, so let’s test it. We asked our own Sarah Devlin whether stats really are for girls.

Question: If you had a choice between dating two NFL wide receivers, which of the following would you pick?

Receiver A: (Hakeem Nicks): 27 receptions, 47 targets, 390 yards, 15.7 yards per catch, 65.0 yards per game, 1 TD.
Receiver B: (Victor Cruz): 57 receptions, 100 targets, 717 yards, 12. 6 yards per catch, 79.7 yards per game, 7 TDs.

Note: Sarah does not know who each receiver is, only the stat lines.

Her answer?

“I mean, B? Because like all women I’m ATTRACTED TO SUCCESS?”

Conclusion: stats is for girls, man.