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Here Are Eight Fantasy Football QBs To Trade For If You Lost Aaron Rodgers

Here Are Eight Fantasy Football QBs To Trade For If You Lost Aaron Rodgers
  • Scott Engel

If you have lost Aaron Rodgers for the Fantasy season, it’s not all over unless you play in a league with no trades and don’t have a decent backup. Hopefully you don’t find yourself in that situation in the NFFC. Otherwise, you can survive by making a deal.

You must start by looking at the roster grid in your league and finding a squad with two decent/adequate passers. You’re not going to be able to swing a trade for Tom Brady or Drew Brees in most cases. But you can get a respectable replacement if you identify the needs of the other team as well and make a fair offer. Be aggressive, be creative and be willing to accept one of the following QBs, and you will eliminate that sinking feeling with some semblance of hope.

8 Fantasy Football QBs to Trade For

We’re mostly talking about 12-team leagues, with standard 4-point scoring system for passing touchdowns.

DeShaun Watson, Houston Texans

It is very likely that the person rostering Watson now could have two good QBs to target. Many who have Watson picked up the Houston QB as a free agent and you can go for him or the other passer that the Watson owner has to solve your issue. Or the Watson owner may just come looking for you.

Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins

He has thrown seven TD passes with just one interception in the past three games and the asking price may be high. But he started slowly in the first two games so his owner may be rostering two QBs and you can acquire one.

Alex Smith, Kansas City Chiefs

He is coming off maybe his worst game of the season against the Steelers (15.1 points in ESPN leagues) so you may not have to give up much for him when he still has a lingering reputation for being mediocre. Don’t forget that Smith does have three 25-plus point games.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

This was his first 300-yard game in Week 6, but he also had five turnovers. The yardage has not been there until this week but he does have at least two TD passes in four of six outings. He does have a bye in Week 7, so that does make him easier to acquire right now.

Philip Rivers, San Diego

The average Fantasy owner does not seem to be comfortable with him as a regular starter. Plus he only scored 14.3 points this week. He does have some tough matchups and a bye coming up in the near future (Denver, Jacksonville, Buffalo) but you have to consider nabbing him over what is on waivers.

Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons

He has been a disappointment with only one game of more than one TD pass and one 300-yarder. But he gets the Patriots, Jets and Cowboys in three of his next four games and it’s a good time to buy low.

Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders

He came off an injury in Week 6 to throw for just 171 yards with one TD and two interceptions. But he is capable of better, with five TD passes and no turnovers in the first two weeks.

Carson Palmer, Arizona Cardinals

Most owners don’t seem to be comfortable when starting him. But Palmer has three 300-yard games and nearly had a fourth, and he threw three TD passes in Week 6.

Sure, you might have a tough time trading for a couple of these Fantasy Football QBs, but that’s why there are eight to choose from! Find a trade partner that works! Meanwhile, here are our Week 7 Waiver Wire Rankings from Garion Thorne!