Nike’s New Jacksonville Jaguars Uniforms Have Been Released From Captivity

  • Rick Chandler

This closeup of the helmet puts me in the mind of a National Geographic research team which has just found something in the wild that they can’t quite explain. The rest of the new Jacksonville Jaguars’ new uniform is just as odd — a new species of garment to be sure.

Yep, that’s a two-tone helmet. It’s as if someone started painting it and just said “Aw, fuck it.”

Nike unveiled its unholy new creation today, and I guess it doesn’t matter what I think. How do you Jaguars fans feel about them?


Suddenly I have the urge to see Full Metal Jacket.

More detail here.

Look, I’ll just say it: I don’t like them one bit. But then I won’t have to look at them, except for occasional cable highlights and one or two plays on NFL Red Zone. My concern is that Nike is going to be given free reign to conduct other mad uniform experiments with other teams, including perhaps even my 49ers. This cannot happen. And considering that there was almost a riot in the Bay Area a few years back when the team tried to change the helmets, I’m fairly confident it won’t.