Here’s A Defensive Play Of The Denver Broncos. Thank D.J. Williams For This.

  • Dylan Murphy

The Denver Broncos recently provided players with iPads for learning playbooks, you know, because gratuitous technology equals championships. They also administered mandatory social media counsel for the team, in case players giddily decided to Twitter away team secrets. Linebacker D.J. Williams wasn’t paying attention.

Above would be a play named “Sink Sam 1 Tite” with formation alternatives that D.J. Williams so kindly tweeted to the world. Many of his followers called him out for publicly revealing the Broncos’ playbook, so Williams responded with the following tweet:

We’ll ignore the fact that he could’ve snapped a photo of the pencil sharpener (the red thing), “pen” and pad without the playbook, but no matter. His way was better.

[Denver Post, photo via SB Nation]