Watch Herm Edwards Probably Terrify The NFL’s Rookie Class

  • Glenn Davis

Herm Edwards served as head coach of two different NFL teams, both of which found him disposable by the end of his tenure. His overall regular season record was 54-74. His teams made the playoffs a few times, but overall, he had a mediocre run.

Winning football games, though, has little to do with creating winning sound bites…which was always Edwards’ true specialty. (Any doubt about that? Case closed.) Edwards parlayed his speaking skills into an ESPN gig where he says some wacky stuff, and also gets to flex his motivational muscles from time to time. And at this year’s NFL’s rookie symposium, Edwards got a chance to fire up NFL players again. He was…intense.

Part football career tips, part life advice, all loud. And parts of it were pretty funny, too. It’s a smart move to have a guy like Herm give this address – he played in the league, he coached in the league, he’s still visible…hes a guy people will listen to. And as he made clear during the address, he’s been through everything the rookies have either already gone through, or will once their careers begin in earnest.

But we just keep coming back to that big personality and booming voice Herm has. If some of the more obstinate rookies weren’t that interested in the message, we’re pretty sure they took note of the tone. And if not…there was probably never any hope for them anyway.