Hero Chargers Fan Eggs Team Facilities

  • Geoff Magliocchetti

If that “hip” Los Angeles Dodgers wanna-be logo is any indication, the artists formerly known as the San Diego Chargers are looking to get rid of any trace of yellow in their color scheme.

This one fan is looking to keep that alive, however.

The fan, who identified himself as Dan Wellington, made one last visit to the team’s headquarters of Chargers Park, but not for nostalgic purposes. Instead, he egged the team facilities, giving them a solid parting gift. I guess, Chargers, this is what you get for not being the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts and leaving/moving your materials in the dead of night when you had the chance!

The Chargers will hopefully have that egg removed by the time they’re ready for OTA’s. Despite their move, Chargers Park will still be the site of their organized team activities, as the lease on the building doesn’t expire until July 1.

Fellow fans of the Bolts were all too happy to cheer their brother on.