Holocaust Reference? Edmonton Sun Apologizes For Training Camp Cover

  • Rick Chandler

This is one of the things I miss least about working in print journalism — realizing there’s a rather glaring error in the paper, just as the paperboy is throwing it onto someone’s front porch. Delete! Delete! (echo …) Anyway, this isn’t so much a mistake as it is a misunderstanding.

The Edmonton Sun’s cover for its Edmonton Eskimos CFL preview edition featured the headline you see above. Some apparently took this as a reference to Nazi concentration camps, and were not amused. The Sun has apologized.

Sample reaction:

Being neither Canadian nor Jewish, I feel I must recuse myself from this debate. An intern shall now place the gag over my mouth.

MMmmf, mff, mmmfff mmf. MMMFF! Mmfff, mmff. Mmmmf.

(Controversy solved, Internet grateful. I am named to the Order of Canada).