Holy Roman Gabriel! Rams Switch To White Horns For Upcoming Season

  • Rick Chandler


Fun fact: the Rams were the first NFL team to have a logo on their helmets, when in 1948 halfback Fred Gehrke, who worked as a commercial artist in off-season, painted ram horns on the team’s leather helmets.

They’ve been there ever since, including in 1964-72, when they wore blue-and-white uniforms. The helmet was also blue and white, with the horns the latter color. And 45 years later, here we are again. With the Rams back in Los Angeles, they’re ditching the gold and going back to the iconic look made famous by Merlin Olsen, Rosey Grier and Deacon Jones.

Any gesture to the team’s classic LA roots is fine by me. Plus, it makes sense due to the fact that the Rams’ roommates in their new stadium, the Chargers, will be wearing quite enough yellow to make us all gag.

The team is ditching the gold trim you saw in the color rush game with the Seahawks this past season, and going with white pants with one or two blue stripes. Also:

The Rams also added that “the team is continuing to explore a full rebrand, including new uniforms, that will be unveiled in 2019.” This is about the closest you can get to a sure thing in the world of uniforms, with the organization eager to ditch the uniforms the team unveiled while in St. Louis for a more modern, cleaner look that will resonate with the L.A. fanbase, which spans generations, and will coincide with the Rams moving into their new stadium.