The 911 Tape From The Hope Solo-Jerramy Stevens Domestic Incident Has Been Released

  • Glenn Davis

You might remember a sequence of events from November that left a lot of people baffled: first came reports of former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens being arrested on suspicion of domestic assault, resulting from an argument with his fiancee, star soccer goalie Hope Solo. A bad story, obviously, but given Stevens’ history, not the most surprising. What really had people amazed was news from the very next day: that Stevens and Solo got married very shortly after the domestic incident. (As a postscript, two weeks later, Stevens was arrested for a possible probation violation.)

That was the end of it, though – no word from either Stevens or Solo, which is probably a good thing. But now the story has some new life, thanks to the release of the 911 tape from Stevens’ arrest in November. Remember how confusing this story was? Well, the audio doesn’t do much to clear things up:

So… disagreement over whether to call in the first place. Declining to get into specifics with the operator. A stun gun (?!). This is weird stuff, and, well, we really don’t have much more to say beyond that. Again, there’s been no news about Solo and Stevens since they got married. Let’s hope this new information on the old story is the last we hear of them for a while.

[Larry Brown Sports]