How Does Your Team Rank On The NFL Player Arrests Chart?

  • Rick Chandler

Having trouble keeping track of all the NFL players who have been arrested lately? Sure, we all are. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, there have been 29 NFL players arrested since the Super Bowl — a staggering number for a five-month span … and for a five-year span, actually.

But which teams have the most offenders? A Reddit user from Germany, Mario Wolf, crunched some stats and came up with some interesting data visualization, which we show you via Business Insider. He tracked the number of NFL arrests since 2000 (most of them by Pacman Jones), and charted and graphed the hell out of them. Of course most were by Pacman Jones, spread over several teams. I found the one below to be the most colorful, which means that it must be important. And actually it is informative.

Our winner? Of course it’s the Bengals and Vikings, in a dead heat with 40 arrests each since 2000.

The Houston Texans and St. Louis Rams have the least, with nine each. And even though they dominate the crime news this week, New England “only” has 15, ranking the Patriots tied for 23rd, with Dallas.

OK, now let’s look at the arrests by position. Yep, cornerbacks. You’d think they’d be faster and more elusive.

Now, by division.

In my opinion the NFC West should receive home field advantage in the playoffs based on the above.

It should be noted that NFL arrests have actually declined since 2006: although the recent flurry of them have 2013 looking to make a comeback.

And of course no study on NFL arrests would be complete without citing the obvious (citation needed):

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