How Long is Halftime in the NFL?

When you’re sitting down on a Sunday to watch some football, many fans want to know how much time they have to kill during halftime.

Whether you want to grab an adult beverage, make a meal, use the washroom, or do all of the above when you’re actually in attendance at the game, fans are often left wondering how long halftime is at an NFL game. 

How Long is Halftime in the NFL?

There might be more entertainment for big games such as the Super Bowl or on the Thanksgiving slate that warrant a long pause between halves, but the time between the second and third quarter is generally the same. 

It’s typically 12 minutes, which gives you time to get up and stretch the legs, or if you’re a die-hard football fan, switch over to another game and continue watching the previous game when it returns. 

Regardless, halftime gives players a short chance to rest while also giving their coaches a new opportunity to strategize and make adjustments.