How Many Divisions are in the NFL?

In the NFL, teams are spread out across the country, forming one of the world’s most competitive and fan-favorite leagues. Teams are organized into two conferences, the AFC and the NFC. Among these conferences, teams are separated by divisions.

How Many Divisions are in the NFL?

The 32 franchises in the NFL make up eight total divisions. There are four divisions in the AFC and four divisions in the NFC. With some of the best athletes in the world making up each conference, there are talented teams in each division.

Let’s look at each division and the teams that fill them out.

AFC Conference

AFC South AFC North AFC East AFC West
Houston Texans Baltimore Ravens New York Jets Las Vegas Raiders
Tennessee Titans Pittsburgh Steelers Buffalo Bills Denver Broncos
Indianapolis Colts Cleveland Browns Miami Dolphins Kansas City Chiefs
Jacksonville Jaguars Cincinnati Bengals New England Patriots Los Angeles Chargers

NFC Conference

NFC South NFC North NFC East NFC West
Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Dallas Cowboys San Francisco 49ers
Atlanta Falcons Detroit Lions New York Giants Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints Green Bay Packers Philadelphia Eagles Arizona Cardinals
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minnesota Vikings Washington Commanders Seattle Seahawks

Each team plays the other three divisional teams twice a year. The rivalry among each team grows stronger every year as they fight to win the division and make the playoffs.