How Old is Dolphins' Head Coach Mike McDaniel?

The Miami Dolphins made headlines by hiring a new head coach this offseason, poaching Mike McDaniel from the San Francisco 49ers. McDaniel’s built a strong resume, specifically on offense with the 49ers, and helped bring a modern play-calling style to the organization. 

Clearly, the Dolphins found his line of thinking attractive and ultimately landed on him to fill their offseason opening. 

How Old is Mike McDaniel?

The first-year head coach of the Miami Dolphins is just 39 years old. McDaniel has a background in football and played wide receiver at Yale. 

Born in Aurora, Colorado, McDaniel already has a long history in football and was hired into an NFL position at the age of 22 with the Denver Broncos. He’s occupied multiple roles with teams, opening up as a coaching intern under Mike Shanahan in Denver while getting his first offensive coordinator position with the 49ers in 2021. Before that promotion, McDaniel served as the run game coordinator for the 49ers since 2017. 

The Dolphins are now the seventh NFL franchise for which the 39-year-old head coach has worked.