Howard Stern Explained Perfectly And Vulgarly Why The Washington Football Squadron Should Change Their Name

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Howard Stern has weighed in on the Washington Football Squadron’s name change issue, in the wake of Dan Synder being a skeevy fuckwad about it. His argument was succinct, fantastic and vulgar. Just how we like it. That’s what we said.

Barack Obama said he would think about changing the Washington football team’s name if he owned them. Howard Stern didn’t pussyfoot around as much. “It’s so offensive. And that logo is that big Redskin. It’s like you had the Washington N-Words and you had SAMBO with his watermelon.”

Stern went on to chastise NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Skin’s owner Daniel Snyder: “Just change the fucking name.” Before describing the plight of the American Indian: “Home of the free, land of the brave, meanwhile we came over to this country, stole their land, fucking shit on them and killed them all. Rewrote history to make it seem like they were savages and we all bought into it. So give them a fucking bone and change the goddamn name already. These guys are nuts.”

Again, to anyone defending the billionaire fuckwad on this issue: Shut up.

[Bob’s Blitz]

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