Hurricane Sandy Has Pushed Back The NFL Trade Deadline

  • Dylan Murphy

Due to a quiet yet significant rule change in the NFL this past offseason, the NFL trade deadline was moved back two weeks to Week 8. Tuesday at 4:00pm after Week 8, to be specific – which, by the way, is tomorrow. But Hurricane Sandy is on the east coast, and she’s brewing up quite the storm. So much so that many on the east coast (including us SportsGrid folk) are in danger of losing power.

To combat the possible loss of power and preserve the sanctity of NFL trade purity, the NFL is pushing back the trade deadline a few days, according to Adam Schefter.

So, there you have it. Hurricane Sandy is more powerful than Roger Goodell, to everyone’s surprise. Either that or Tim Tebow was about to be dealt, and God wanted Mike Tannenbaum to reconsider. I mean, Mark Sanchez has been awful this season.