I Found Out On The Radio: Trent Richardson’s Reaction To The Trade Is Kind Of Sad

  • Jake O'Donnell

19 Action News|Cleveland, OH|News, Weather, Sports

Trent Richardson is a Colt now (#34), but that doesn’t mean he’s completely moved on from the Browns. No, he’s not confused where his allegiances lie — it’s the Brown chip he’ll carry on his shoulder because of how the organization handled the whole situation.

“I turned on the radio, and all of a sudden I heard, ‘Cleveland Browns running back has been traded to the Colts.’ It just hit me in my face like I can’t believe … I didn’t see it coming. I had good relations with everybody. I guess it’s the best for the Browns. At the end of the day, it’s the best move for both of us, I guess. I want to be a Brown. I didn’t see it coming, but at the same time, I’m a Colt now, so I got to move on get ready for Sunday’s game.”

He’ll need that anger, and then some, because he’s going up against the 49ers this week. Though, perception isn’t exactly reality with San Francisco’s D, as they allow on average 117.5 rushing yard per game so far this season. Maybe he’ll have a big day and settle into his new role. A touchdown and 100-yards would go a long way in healing the wounds from this sour experience for Trent Rich.

If you want to see him first locker room interview in Indy, as well as Andrew Luck’s reaction to trade, it’s here.