If Given The Chance, Adam Sandler Would’ve Babbled Incoherently At Nnamdi Asomugha Until He Joined The Jets

  • Dan Fogarty

As you most likely have heard at this point, Nnamdi Asomugha will be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles next year. But going into the home stretch of the Nnamdi sweepstakes, Adam Sandler, he of Billy Madison fame, was rumored to have tried to convince the top-flight cornerback to join the New York Jets.

Today, the rumor, which was tweeted by the NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, was shot down. Sandler went on the Dan Patrick Show to plug a new movie, and told Patrick that he did not, in fact, call Asomugha and ask him to come to New York.

This did not stop Patrick from asking Sandler what he would’ve said to Asomugha if such a conversation had taken place. What happened next sounded like someone doing an Adam Sandler impression.