If Phil Mickelson Can Hit A Target On Monday Night Football, $1 Million Will Be Donated To Charity

  • Dylan Murphy

Next week’s Monday Night Football halftime show isn’t your run-of-the-mill fan completing a relatively simple task for a gargantuan prize – it’s spiced up with some celebrity and extra dollars. According to Devil Ball Golf, the October 15th Monday Night Football matchup between the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos will also put Phil Mickelson’s golf skills to the test.

If he can hit a golf ball from one end zone to the other and hit the target, $1 million will be donated to First Book, an organization that donates books to children. That’s 400,000 books, according to First Book, and a whole hell of a lot of reading.

The bullseye will be worth the $1 million, and other parts of the target(s) will be worth different amounts of money. There’s no word quite yet on the size of the target, but luckily there are no other competitors, so Mickelson doesn’t have to fear finishing in second place.

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