IGN Reviewed Madden 25 On Xbox One And PS4 And Their Verdict Will Surprise You

  • Jake O'Donnell

Last night, the world changed forever. No, your reclusive friend Geoff didn’t miraculously lose his virginity — nor did they cure male pattern baldness. Sorry, Geoff! The next gen Playstation was made available to consumers. Promising to bring a full 1080p experience to gaming, this $399 piece of equipment hit stores with high hopes…hopes that every part of the gaming experience would be dramatically improved beyond our wildest dreams. Hopes that were squashed like Richie Icognito’s dream of one day being an inner city guidance counselor.

It’s looking like Madden 25 is an overall downgrade on the new device. Ya, we were surprised, too.

We’ll let IGN’s Bobby Amos explain…