Is it Time to Take the Tennessee Titans More Seriously?

The Tennessee Titans have been quietly going about their business and are in the driver’s seat in the AFC South, but should they be considered contenders?

In what was a double-digit spread ahead of kick-off in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Titans proved to be in control for much of the contest, and it took some late plays on offense for Kansas City to even get the game to overtime. The Chiefs should have had a much better result, but the Titans had a great game plan and played strong defensively.

That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten how good Derrick Henry is in the Titans’ backfield. However, if the team has serious playoff aspirations, they’ll need their defense to continue playing at this level. Over the past five games, the only team to score more than 17 points against them was the Chiefs on Sunday night, which saw them just over that number with 20. If they can continue stopping these potent offenses, it’s hard to discount them from being an AFC contender.

It hasn’t been a perfect season for the Titans, which saw them get thumped by the Super Bowl favorite Buffalo Bills 41-7 in Week 2. Even with an outstanding Bills’ offense, you have to look at that performance as more of a one-off, knowing that the team has continued to improve each week.

There will always be doubts surrounding a team with difficulty passing the football. Still, the Titans have a specific identity and aren’t afraid to bully their opponents into playing against it. 

Even after an impressive showing against the Chiefs, the Titans aren’t involved in the upper echelon of Super Bowl contenders. To put things in perspective, the Chiefs own +550 odds to win the Super Bowl on the FanDuel Sportsbook, the third shortest odds, while the Titans are at +3700, the thirteenth best odds. That should tell us that when the Titans play their top game, they can compete with anyone in the AFC, so there’s likely some value in their Super Bowl odds. 

As good as some of the top AFC teams look, the Titans might have the recipe to disrupt in January, so buying into their odds to win the conference at +2000 has some value.