IT HAS BEGUN: Tim Tebow Sucks It Up At First Patriots Practice, Gives Great Interview Though

  • Jake O'Donnell

For media types, talking about the woes of Tim Tebow is akin to heroin. We’re hooked. We’re sorry. But it’s just so, ugh, AMAZING! He’s the anti-intellectual. We’re the pseudo-intellectuals. It’s a match made in asshole heaven.

Oh God, there better be more…

HOLY SHIT I WISH I WAS THERE TO GROAN AND LAUGH! Tell me there’s more bad news…

Eh, that’s good enough. Though he didn’t manage to avoid critisim after his first day at Pats camp, he did do an expert, tactful job of ducking questions about The Jets, Aaron Hernandez, and Urban Meyer’s reign as head honcho at Florida. For a comprehensive list of critical tweets, click here.

Photo via CBS