It Sounds Like Most Of The Dolphins’ Players Would Prefer To Have Richie Incognito Over Jonathan Martin Right Now

  • Eric Goldschein

richie incognito dolphinsAccording to an anonymous but “prominent” member of the Dolphins front office, Richie Incognito’s words and deeds have been taken out of their context, and we outsiders don’t truly understand the situation at hand. Additionally, from what this executive says, a lot of Dolphins miss Incognito, but aren’t asking about Jonathan Martin.

When this story first broke, it appeared to be a case of a power-hungry veteran taking his rookie hazing practices too far and essentially ruining his own career. Now, with reports emerging that Incognito’s actions may have been prompted by the team, it appears that Incognito may have simply been a mouthpiece for the rest of the organization. They felt Martin was too soft, so they told Incongito to toughen him up. And Incognito’s standing with the rest of his teammates was as high as it ever was before this story broke. Hence, this (from the NY Post):

“You go into that locker room and a lot of guys miss ‘68’ [Incognito],’’ the source said. “Players — whether white or African-American — support and miss him, and that speaks volumes to the situation. For the guys that know these players, they know what Jonathan Martin is and isn’t and they know what Richie Incognito is and isn’t. Now [Martin] is gone, and he never told anyone there was a problem or issue.’”

As we reported earlier, [some?] players in the Miami locker room consider Incognito “black,” and didn’t have an issue with his use of the n-word. That’s likely what this exec was referring to when he said “This is how some of these guys talk to each other… There is a lot of ball-busting in that locker room, a lot of chops getting busted in that offensive line room.” We actually made mention of the fact that people sometimes say stupid things to each other, and they are very context-dependent. But in this case, it appeared as though the words were used out of dislike, not brotherhood. Perhaps we were wrong — or perhaps Martin never saw it that way, while his teammates did.

And so, it appears that if the Dolphins had to pick one guy for their team right now, it’d be Incognito:

“Players like [Richie] because they think he can help them win. He’s the kind of player that you like him if he’s on your team, but if he’s on the other team you don’t. There is also a misnomer that this guy is a meathead. He is a very smart, intelligent football player…“Nobody’s asking where [Martin] is right now. [We think] he’s in California in treatment. But is he OK? What’s going on with him? What’s his state of mind? No one has defined his specific issue, because he didn’t relate it to anyone before he left.”

The tide appears to be turning against Martin, on this team and on others. But just as this exec says: We should probably wait for all of the “details” and “context” to emerge before making any more “conclusions.” Bro, do you even Internet?

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