It’s Down To Minus-10 At Lambeau, And Curt Menefee Has Asked Erin Andrews A Very Odd Question About Her Tongue

  • Rick Chandler

We have three NFL Wild Card winners (San Diego will travel to Denver next week after dispatching the Bengals in today’s first game, 27-10). So now they’re defrosting Aaron Rodgers’ mustache for the final game. But in more important breaking news, Erin Andrews is being asked about her tongue (above) and is doing interesting things with her lips.


As we speak Jim Harbaugh is pinning mittens to each of his players’ jackets as they head out onto the Lambeau tundra … perhaps never to be seen again. It’s currently 5 degrees in Green Bay, with a wind chill factor of -10. One day archeologists will find Joe Staley frozen in a lineman’s stance buried deep beneath the permafrost, and will ship him to the Smithsonian for display.

Also, this guy …

And now, game on.